It is the desire of the Board of Education, administration and staff that every student in the school district refrains from using or possessing alcohol and illegal drugs.

Parking on school district property is a privilege, not a right. Students who park on school district property operate vehicles in close proximity to other students and faculty and may also have passengers in their vehicles. Because of this, the potential harm from misjudgment or impaired judgment due to alcohol or illegal drugs is great. Accordingly, students who park on school property carry a responsibility to themselves, their fellow students, and members of the public to operate their vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs impairs a student’s ability to meet this responsibility.

The purpose of this policy is to prevent alcohol and illegal drug use, to educate students who park on school property as to the serious physical, mental and emotional harm caused by alcohol and illegal drug use, to alert students who have possible substance abuse problems to the potential harms of use, to prevent injury, illness, and harm as a result of alcohol and illegal drug use, and to strive within the school district for an environment free of alcohol and illegal drug possession and use. This Policy is not intended to be disciplinary or punitive in nature. The sanctions of this policy relate solely to limiting the opportunity of any student who parks on school property and who is found to be in violation of the policy to park at school. There will be no academic sanction solely for a violation of this policy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a student may be disciplined, including suspended out of school, if a violation of this policy also results in a violation of the school district’s Student Behavior Policy and/or Policy 2149.

For the safety, health and well-being of the students, the district has adopted a contract which shall be read, signed and dated by the student, and parent or custodial guardian before such student shall be eligible to apply for a parking permit. No application for a parking permit will be considered until the student has returned the properly signed contract.

In addition to the parking contract all students who wish to purchase a parking permit will be required to take a baseline drug test administered by the school district prior to the granting of a parking permit. The cost of the test will be the sole responsibility of the student and is in addition to the cost of a parking permit. A student who has taken a baseline drug test for an extracurricular activity for the 2017-18 school year shall not be required to take an additional test to park. All parkers will be placed in a random testing pool with the possibility of additional tests chosen on a random selection basis. At any time a student parker may be requested by the Principal or designee based on reasonable suspicion, to be tested for alcohol or illegal drugs.

All drug use testing shall be conducted by a laboratory designated by the school district.

There will be a three- step process to pay for the drug test, choose a time to come to the Home of the Spartans (HOTS) to take the drug test and then purchase a parking permit. Students should register and pay for their drug test online as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in an inability to purchase a parking permit until the drug testing process is completed. Students will have until September 1st to have completed all steps and obtain a parking permit. Any vehicle parked on campus after that date will be subject to fines and/ or towing.


    Follow these steps to register and pay:

    1. Go to www.bixbyps.org/athletics
    2. Click on the tab at the left Sports Camps
    3. Select School - High School from the drop down box
    4. Select Camp – Drug Test from the drop down box
    5. Click on the register button on the right
    6. Follow directions to register and pay

    We are using a new sign- up system this year. We hope you find it to be helpful and simple when looking for available times and trying to schedule your drug test. This is our first year to try this system, so please let us know if you are having trouble. You may contact Mr.Bittle, the Athletic Director, at jbittle@bixbyps.org , Stephanie Blackwell, Director of Athletic Programs, at sblackwell@bixbyps.org or Mrs. Wood, in the athletic office, at dwood@bixbyps.org with questions. If you do not have access to the new system you may also schedule a drug test by calling Mrs. Wood at 918-366-2218.

    Follow this link below to begin the process of signing up for your drug test or you may also access the link on the athletic department website at www.bixbyps.org


    All drug testing will be completed at the Home of the Spartans (HOTS).

    The next available drug testing date will be August 15th. More dates will be scheduled and advertised as needed.

  3. See Mrs. Dees at schedule pick- up or in the Asst. Principal’s office to purchase your parking permit. The cost will be $20.

If you should you have any questions please contact the Principal, Asst. Principal, or the athletic department.