Clinic Rules and Expectations
  • Come in, have a seat, wait patiently for your turn
  • Be respectful of other students in the clinic
    • Please stay seated and do not get up and wonder around
    • Talk quietly – to not disturb other students who may be feeling ill
  • Be respectful of your school and clean up after yourself
    • Throw your trash away
    • Put things back where they belong
  • If I am not here, you may go to the office and they will direct you. You may need to sit and wait until I return.
Health Services

If it is necessary for a student to bring prescription or non-prescription medicines to school, a Parental Authorization to Administer Medication Form MUST be filled out and signed to be kept along with the medicines in the nurse’s office. The forms are available in the Central Intermediate office. Medications, both prescription and nonprescription, must be brought to school in their original containers with the proper labeling and your student's name on the container. If your student takes medicine daily, please contact me at (918)366-2264 or (918)366-2249. A new form MUST be completed every year.

Each year 5th grade students are given a growth and development lesson focusing on the natural changes that a student's body undergoes. These lessons are done separately for boys and girls and are conducted by the nurse and the Tulsa County Health Department. Parents can preview the material by contacting me.

Every student will have an opportunity to have their vision screened by Vizavance. Parents will be notified when this is scheduled.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at (918)366-2264 or by email:

Rachel Hill
Central Intermediate

About the Nurse