Summer School

The following information is provided to assist parents in making a decision that is correct for the student. The summer school program is a tuition based classroom program designed for students who participate fully in the regular curriculum of our school district. It is not designed for students with significant deficits in reading, math or writing skills. Specially trained teachers are not available for summer school for students with special education needs.

How to enroll for Bixby High School Summer School:

  1. Download application form below or pick up a form in the Counseling Office.
  2. See your child's Counselor. They will fill out and sign the necessary sections.
  3. Parents/ Guardians and their student(s) read and sign the appropriate signature areas.
  4. Return the completed application to Ms. Creekmore for a final Principal signature.
  5. Parents/ Guardians or their student(s) visit Ms. LaWanna Hunter in the Alternative Building to make final payment(s) for Summer School tuition. No application will be accepted without payment and payment will not be accepted without the proper paperwork.

For additional information or questions regarding Summer School please contact Kate Creekmore, 9th Grade Center Principal. 918-366-1722.