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(NE) Engineering II (NE) Coding

All Bixby Intermediate students enrolled in TAG will be offered the same classes although not necessarily at the same time of year. Each class may only be taken one time. Students have the opportunity to indicate which classes they would like to take each year. We refer to this process as enrollment but choosing a class as your first choice does not guarantee that you will be able to take that class. While every effort is made to enroll students in the class of their choice, TAG must work around specials, lunch, and accelerated math times. This means that sometimes there aren't enough students that can all meet at the same time interested in a specific class. Enrollment is conducted online at the beginning of the school year. Students are encouraged to enroll from home since this will allow parents to help their child decide which class to take. If unable to enroll from home, students should stop by the TAG room and the TAG teacher will have a computer set up for access to the enrollment form. Any student not enrolling will be placed in a class at the TAG teacher's discretion. Classes will begin in September after all beginning of the year testing is completed. 

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Academic team:

A team of students working together to play a game of questions and answers on topics of human knowledge including history, literature, math, social studies, science, sports, and pop culture

Academic Team participants benefit from exposure to a broad range of school and cultural subjects, increased memorization andstudy skills, and an improved ability to cooperate and work in teams.The practices and competitions give students the opportunity to be rewarded for academic excellence.The academic team gives students the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of their families and classmates. This is a fantastic way to boost confidence!

The game is played with a lockout buzzer system between two teams;four players from each are competing at a time; however, a school’s team may have as many as eight players on the roster.

A moderator reads questions to the teams, whose players endeavor to buzz in first with the correct answer, scoringpointsfor their team. Eachgame, or round, consists of four quarters- grade 5 games each have 10 questions per quarter and grade 6 (Upper Elementary League or UEL) quarters consist of eight questions.

Grade 5 teams play two tournaments per season, an Alpha and a Beta. UEL teams play in three tournaments: District, Regional, and either Area (for the top tier teams from regional and district meets), or the Phoenix Tournament . With all Bixby intermediate schools fielding 5th and 6th grade teams, we plan to incorporate some scrimmages between sites.

Each intermediate school will be sponsoring an academic team.Any 5th or 6th grade student that is willing to study hard and is able to attend the meets is eligible to participate.Those participating must attend every practice and each tournament.

Practices are minimal since students are expected to study on their own time. Each member will receive a study packet that will consists of various resources including questions from previous meets. Bixby students who enjoy this endeavor have the opportunity to compete on an academic team in middle school and high school.Many colleges also possess competitive academic teams.

If interested, contact the TAG teacher at your site!