gSuite ~ Google Classroom ~ Clever

Google Tutorials include information on our district email, using Google drive, and also how to use shared lesson plans and calendars.

gSuite Accounts:

All K-12th grade students have google accounts with the district. Student "email" is set to only communicate between teachers (@bixbyps.org) & students (@bixbyk12.org). They will have access to Drive, hangouts, and also classsroom. Their logins will require the Student First & Last Name and also their student number.

They are setup as follows:
(LastName)(FirstInitial)(Last 2 digits of student number)@bixbyk12.org
Example: Amy Reneau 12345 would be reneaua45@bixbyk12.org
*Please note, the student domain is "@bixbyk12.org"
The password is bps(student number) example: bps12345

*If a student number is less than 5 digits you may need to add a 0 at the beginning of the number to equal 5 numbers. This appears to only happen in 11th and 12th grade, but just a heads up if they have trouble logging in.

  1. Introduction to gMail: PDF
    Groups, distribution lists, and shared calendars.
  2. Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) PDF
    Use BCC when sending emails to groups to keep other recipients confidential.
  3. Create a "Shared Lesson Plan": PDF
    Spreadsheet that you can shared with your administrators, parents, and you can also post on your website. Two templates are also provided. Although, you can also create your own.Template A & B
  4. Google Drive BasicsPDF
  5. Creating Google Forms:PDF
    Google forms to collect information.
  6. Intro to Google EarthPDF

Google Classroom Screencasts

  • Classroom Introduction: View Video Here
    This explains how to login, create a new class, modify theme and class info, and give an overview of classroom.
  • Classroom 2: View Video Here
    How to get started adding announcements, assignments, and questions. Includes how to assign due dates and topics.
  • Classroom 3: View Video Here
    Adding a PPT/Slides presentation and giving a quiz (a google form on quiz template). This also includes what student will see when they log in and view/complete the assignment.
  • Classroom 4: View Video Here
    Adding YouTube videos and handout. Compares announcements & assignments and how they each appear in your view and also the student view.
  • Classroom 5: View Video Here
    Grading assignments.
  • Classroom 6: View Video Here
    Shows you how to view student work from classroom (files you have shared or they have uploaded) and also how to view via Google Drive.

Google Cast for Education... This allows the teacher computer to be setup as a chromecast receiver. You give your students access to cast to your " Google cast for Edu receiver" and that will allow you to project the students screen. They can only connect one at time and only to you if you give them access. Google Cast Instructions

Google Meetings... This allows teachers and students to all join an online session. The teacher can present and their screen shows up on the screens of all students logged in. Students can also present to the entire group one at time. Google Meetings Instructions