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Bixby Middle School

Middle School Parents:

Please take note of the following important dates and needs at the middle school:

1.  Freshman Enrollment for our current 8th grade students begins this week (January 27th through January 30th).  Please contact Mrs. Winters at 918.366.2201 if you are interested in scheduling an appointment to discuss your student's high school schedule.

2.  The 8th grade Writing Test will be taken on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 24th and 25th, with a make-up day on Tuesday, March 3rd.  Please put these dates on your calendar and help us by making sure that your student gets plenty of sleep and eats a healthy breakfast prior to these tests.

3.  The middle school is in desperate need to testing monitors for the Writing Test.  Parents who are available and would be willing to proctor a test from 8:15 am unti 11:15 am on one or both days should call Mrs. Winters at 918.366.2201 OR you may email our testing coordinator, Adria Wood, at awood@bixbyps.org to volunteer.  Thank you so much!