Bixby Public Schools - Ice Route Information

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Ice routes are condensed versions of the normal bus route. In the event that we need to run ice routes, please click on your child's bus number below, to find out where to meet the bus. Please note, buses MAY NOT enter neighborhoods, students will need to meet the bus at the neighborhood entrance according to the ice route list. If your stop or area is not listed, students will need to catch the bus at a location that is near the regular stop, according to the ice route list. Some students may be riding a different bus than normal.

Please allow our buses extra time as the drivers take special care and handling of the bus to ensure safety. Students should bundle up. Double or tripple layers of clothing, stocking caps and gloves are a great idea!

**NOTE** Some routes received new buses this year! Please note the changes below:

Old Bus 03 (Champ Johnson Area) is now Bus 09
Old Bus 09 (Providence Hills) is now Bus 35
Old Bus 16 (Willow Springs Area/Twin Creeks 3) is now Bus 36