Clever is a SSO tool that allows student K-6th to use QR Code Badges to Login and also connect all student K-12 with district apps.

Badges in action: https://assets.clever.com/website/regular_website_content/Clever-Badges-and-Rocketship-Education.mp4

To Print Your Class Badges:
  • From here: Look for "Students" at the top right. Your classes and students should be there. You can print your entire class or an individual student. If a badge is lost at some point, you can regenerate the badge or reprint it.
  • For students that are in any type of pull-out program (title 1, gifted and talented, RSA tutoring), you can print an extra badge for those students.

New Class Tools:

  • You now have an option to launch any of the apps we have linked with clever on all the chromebooks your students are logged in on at that time! This is an pretty cool new tool and I would love to hear about how you like it!
  • Here are all the new class tools available: https://assets.clever.com/website/files/Class+Tools.pdf