Our Apple section includes: iPad Basics, How to setup iTunes account without payment information, Using the VPP for purchasing apps, Accessing codes for distribution, Setting up and Syncing an iPad Cart and resources for education specific apps.

  1. New iPad Setup Tutorial:PDF
    iPads purchased in the BPS District must be purchased from Apple and will be automatically enrolled in the Apple Deployment Program and our MDM. Please follow these steps when you run the setup on your School iPad
  2. Downloading iTunes (pc) PDF
  3. Setting up an iTunes Account(pc or device) PDF
  4. Redeeming Codes in iTunes: PDF
    Many teachers will be provided download codes for apps. These apps could be purchased by a school and/or department and then redeemed by the teacher. (pc or device)
  5. Class Presentations with iPads: PDF
    Describes several options for connecting/displaying your iPad on your projector.
  6. Splashtop Apps: PDF
    Using Splashtop apps & Splashtop Streamer to connect your computer to your iPad.
  7. Using iTools:PDF
    Projects iPad Screen when connected to your computer.

LightSpeed Mobile Manager:

Teacher Dashboard: MDM- This tutorial shows you how to use the online MDM to manage restrictons, push apps, review device info online. Video Tutorial

Volume Purchase Program

  1. Volume Store Account Information/ VPP Credit PDF
  2. How to Make Purchases in the Volume Store PDF
  3. Access Purchased VPP Codes for Distribution PDF

Mobile Cart Information and Setup

How to Setup and Sync your iPad Mobile Cart PDF