As required by No Child Left Behind legislation, reports on individual schools are part of the annual district report cards, also known as local report cards. Each school district must prepare and disseminate annual local report cards that include information on how students in the district and in each school performed on state assessments. The report cards must state student performance in terms of three levels: basic, proficient and advanced. Achievement data must be disaggregated, or broken out, by student subgroups according to: race, ethnicity, gender, English language proficiency, migrant status, disability status and low-income status. The report cards must also tell which schools have been identified as needing improvement, corrective action or restructuring.

For a complete explanation of the school grades, please read the "A-F Report Card Guide" provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

You may view BPS Profile Information at: http://www.schoolreportcard.org/report-card